About divoxutils

Inspired by the legacy of daocutils and venerable predecessors like gimpchimp, divoxutils is crafted to honor their influence and to continue their mission.

When daocutils was no longer available, it left a noticeable gap for many avid Dark Age of Camelot enthusiasts who needed a way to keep track of their characters. That's where the idea for divoxutils came in. I set out to create a new hub where players can easily manage their character's progress and celebrate their triumphs (rr12+ dings). Divoxutils is all about enhancing your gameplay by keeping you connected to your characters' journeys in a user-friendly and engaging way.

The evolution of divoxutils is ongoing, and the horizon is brimming with potential new features. Your input and insights are invaluable to the ongoing development of divoxutils. I warmly welcome your suggestions and feedback—please don't hesitate to reach out with your thoughts via Discord, available through the link below.

Building and enhancing divoxutils is a labor of love and dedication. If you'd like to support the development of future features, consider contributing through the PayPal link below.

Your support doesn't end with financial contributions. Join the conversation and the community on Twitch. Follow along, jump into my streams to chat live, and be a part of the divoxutils story as it unfolds.

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